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thank you for your time



Liam Murphy

December 31, 2020

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Tracks in this release

Leucrocuta’s writhes through a pile of defunct sounds ghostly voices on her forthcoming EP’s first single

A voice whispers through decaying remnants of glitched sound. A synth makes its way slowly toward the top of the mix, met with strange wooden and metallic impacts, as the voice speaks of an embrace in a weighted and calculated manner. The atmosphere is an uncertain one. Rather than offering a guide rope for the melody and voice, the percussion seems to happen in reaction to the reverberation of sound. It is akin to droplets of water from slowly melting ice, it comes sporadically and without warning. The synth reaches a heated climax, glowing with energy as more melodic vocals begin to seep in. The main voice stays stalwart, whispering words and phrases amidst the sudden whirlwind of singing. Next, the voice exchanges lines with a defunct and short circuited mimic, a babyish voice aping the words back in an innocent tone. There is an austere feeling emanating from everything. The singer communicates a lack of self worth through the words, this theme summed up perfectly in the song’s title ‘thank you for your time’. The focus is on the other person, as if the singer should feel lucky that they could steal an iota of time or affection away from someone else. Though the atmosphere is grand and serious, the listener feels as though the singer is placed in an inferior position to their subject. With the admission ‘I wanted this’, the already leaky dam collapses. Heavy bass drums begin to pound, a torrent of distorted voices career toward the listener. Snippets of melody begin to get caught up in random sequences, as if the remnants of the entity are desperately trying to piece themselves back together.

The lead single from Leucrocuta’s forthcoming EP presents the idea of waste as its main subject. Not only does the singer feel themselves to be a surplus aspect of someone’s life, the instrumentation feels like it is a hybrid of wasted parts. The percussion leaks and spurts out randomly, the synth flickers and hums like an old heater. The three aspects of thank you for your time feel quite distant from each other, but there are moments of real intense synergy exacerbated by icy silences and an indifferent atmosphere.