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sitting alone at a party



Liam Murphy

August 24, 2020

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bh’s sitting alone at a party brings us straight into a heaving social atmosphere. Heaving low frequencies mumble as a…

bh’s sitting alone at a party brings us straight into a heaving social atmosphere. Heaving low frequencies mumble as a pair of feet walk towards the door of a party. We hear the door suddenly open, the noises of the crowded room seeping out into the street toward us. From there, the harsh background music becomes a slick and pristine inner monologue. Beautiful trilling melodies pop out through the arpeggiated sound. bh’s voice slides seamlessly into the mix alongside supporting chords from a clean pad. 

The lyrics tell a classic story of detachment in a social situation. Spurred on by feelings of unrequited love, the melody bh’s vocals follow hit deep. The sorrowful tones help to conjure an image of someone sitting alone in the throng of a social gathering.

From there, bh floats into a beautiful build up with gentle clapping percussion. The protagonist looks on as the situation in front of them unfolds, bh delivering lyrics tarnished with a selfish naivety. As the admission of loneliness and isolation are asserted. The track falls silent. A stumbling drum roll is suddenly launches us into a infectious rhythmic section. The melody sprays out with more optimism and positivity cushioned by a rumbling bass sequence. This controlled implosion is handled expertly by bh, the percussion that is introduced is hunkered down against the kick drum.

The lyrics too speak with a little more hopefulness. An acceptance of the situation, a desire to be happy in oneself. At this admission, higher pitched melodies are blasted out like celebratory fireworks. The percussion dies away, the melody taken up by beautiful trickling piano notes. A fragile, high pitched voice sings out ‘nobody’s around me, but I don’t wanna go home’, with a gentle delivery. It sounds as if bh has carefully carved away their social mask, exposing the vulnerable nucleus of their soul. Just as it feels as though the last notes have fluttered out away from us, the percussive breakdown reprises. All of its danceable brilliance intact. 

In sitting alone at a party, bh tackles an often cliche subject matter with a pure unguardedness that is so enjoyable to listen to. The artist creates a track that seethes with social detachment at the beginning, but then explodes into beautiful percussive fireworks. It is a celebration of feeling, a showcasing of vulnerability, an anthem of acceptance of oneself.