despectral maid

apollo bitrate


Louis Pelingen

February 12, 2024

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Tracks in this release

A new and infectious strain of chiptune-y noise as sonic textures erupt and spread uncontrollably

As the artist's release last year, you in amethyst spheres, apollo bitrate’s sauntering chiptune and textured synth flourishes have been inflated with noxious material that bloats her compositions to a heaving dizziness, in which rhythms scamper back and forth. The artist’s music has the sound of an experiment that has run amok, each a proud statement of her skill and desire to brew massive, catastrophic floor stompers, some of which achieve a spectacular intensity, burning like a flaring ball of molten gas close to its inevitable explosion. This latest album, then, sets a jumping-off point from her previous projects, cooling down with chippier soundscapes and junglist phases, slipping into a glacial daze at points that floats into a dark expanse.

despectral maid solidifies itself with the similar sonic formulas that apollo bitrate presented on last year’s album. Cascading chiptune synths, buzzy distorted beats, and crackling glitches in rapid-fire rhythms. These formulas are also presented in the excited collaborations that are scattered throughout, such as the guinevere laurent co-produced cut sleeping serotonin receptors and the 9-minute closer bloodhound inspection that welcomes Carter Thomas to add to the ear-grabbing noise, where stuffy rhythms after the song’s midway point hit with a force that could break planets apart. Through these examples alone, its evident that the artist is pushing themselves on this release.

Unlike her aforementioned 2023 project, despectral maid offers a lot more variance in melodic structures and instrumental textures, allowing her overall sound to continuously morph like a virus strain that has been left to evolve. cinematographer, for example, has a sleuth of live drums and guitars stabbing underneath the veering stacks of starry chiptune, creating tension through the fusion of the organic and the synthetic in an outstanding way. This unique instrumental texture gives a feeling of deformity and delirium, apollo bitrate’s chaotic style even commandeering organic instrumentation. adobefrost and submarine gun also do this, letting the gnashing live guitar tones coil around joyous chiptune and fractured glitch waves.

The graceful melodic structures that are heard in it’s untitled star power are transformed spectacularly into childish doodling tunes through the lens of heavy, bricked-out breakcore. These sharp shifts in dynamic allow the project to simmer and breathe, letting the energy flicker for a bit before ratcheting it up or down. varispeed angel going bankrupt and the album’s penultimate sequels that nobody asked for both follow similar progressions. Starting off with chaotic glitchy shrapnels that then exhaust themselves down to a singular synth pad fretting outward, just before the leftovers from that glitch take hold, the death throes of a malignant virus as it fades into a dormant state.

It is a brand new strain, both extensive and intoxicating. It conquers different sonic textures and melodic compositions as if corrupting them, allowing the blasts of chiptune, breakbeat and glitch to sting with a deep satisfaction. The listener is helpless as the strain commandeers more and more of everything it touches, its acidic melodies lingering, enveloping its victims with an acrid rush.