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Liam Murphy

March 15, 2020

Tracks in this feature

Tracks in this release

The duo Divus open up the their latest exploration on Boring Machines with a drone-like bass, lifting occasionally to create…

The duo Divus open up the their latest exploration on Boring Machines with a drone-like bass, lifting occasionally to create a binary melody. Some unnatural sound follows along with it, a constant tapping and scraping pushing its way out of its muffled restrictions, eager to burst into the centre of the stereo field. There’s a slight sound of water on every beat, like we are wading through some swamp. The strange rhythm glides a bit before the sound of the saxophone lands suddenly. It’s thick, membranous sound sizzles against the unlikely backdrop. The pairing of an enthusiasm for deep electronic music and the evident saxophone talent that Divus bring is unique to say the least. The backdrop of synthesised sound is carved up as the saxophonist riffs with heavy, bursting notes.

A clattering rhythm leads the charge into the next track. Slowly joined by a descending saxophone melody that brings with it an uneasy and dark atmosphere. The skeletal nature of Divus almost reflects the duo itself. At any point you can separate between the member that brings the immense saxophone talent and the member that provides the instrumentation. As the track continues the saxophone explodes into a short fragment of a riff that sounds like it would be home in a modern, soul-inspired track. It quickly recedes as the second track fades away.

Heavily distorted splashing and a piercing hi hat sound carry on the impressive production so far. A heavy-handed bass drum starts to smash through the corrupted sheet of sound, a roaring bassline following with it. We find the saxophone curled up in the mix, jabbing short notes out into the digital chaos that surrounds it.

A less abrupt start to C4. Low frequency sounds appear, sounding like notes slowly falling down a stairwell. No chaotic production to speak of, the saxophone inches out with beautifully dynamic riffs that curl in the space created by the low-laying, subtle atmosphere. In this track we can hear the skill of the saxophonist fully. They read the feeling of the piece beautifully, and push memorable trills out for the listener to appreciate.

D1 is brief but the saxophone melody that bandies about in the echoed space is memorable. A high note reaches up and is soothed by a lower, calmer note. An anxious scale that causes the saxophone to squeal. Suddenly roaring sounds fly past the organic instrument, with one heavily distorting the track before all goes dark.

The duo save the two most explorative tracks for last. The first begins with hammering bass lines and what sounds like huge cables conducting some gargantuan amount of electricity. The force snaps the texture of the track as a sandy explosion happens every few seconds. The saxophone weasels it’s way into the mix, the echoes of it drifting towards us past the huge pillars of bass that keep falling. The saxophone starts by easing in, and then ratchets up its intensity to the point where it bursts in a detuned squeal at the end of each note. Distortion fades into the mix and a synth note phases through the track at a slow pace. The rhythm is uneven, but the force of the bass drum allows the listener to find a sense of the beat. It sounds as though the percussion begins to fight itself, before it disappears into an endless repetition.

D3’s percussion echoes out into a cold space. Shadowy sounds rumble underneath any audible frequency, a sinister bass travels miles underneath us, muffled due to its pitch. The saxophone appears suddenly, sounding almost like a guitar it enters pushing a note out into the echoed space. It’s choice of chords fills the air with a melancholy feeling. The track sounds bleak and grey as notes are forced onto a cold and unforgiving vista. The duo build to one lay climax as the saxophone notes writhe around together before a whirling dissonant note towers over everything. Like some great stringed instrument being played slowly from the sky above us. The release ends on an uneasy feeling, spurred by the deep rumblings underneath us.

2 presents an incredibly mature and refined music style that asks the listener for their focus and cooperation. The saxophonist is undoubtedly a powerful force where featured, and each track features evidently nuanced construction and musicianship. The duo experiment with dissonance and texture beautifully, amounting to a haunting and engaging experience.

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