Tekeo Moment 2



Liam Murphy

July 22, 2022

Tracks in this feature

Tracks in this release

Endearing performances flow through this release, with sounds spanning from heavy trap songs to easygoing beats

Whereas Tekeo’s Infinity gave a staunch insight into inequality in America, Tekeo Moment 2 offers a warmer look into the artist’s own life, in a format more akin to a mixtape.

Tekeo’s talent for production is still fully on display. Desires 3 finds pitched-up vocals creeping timidly, met with a clattering sample of Notorious B.I.G that melds a soft and romantic interpretation of love with an excitable one. Rewind/Flowers features atmospheric keys and a steady beat, before Tekeo switches up the psychedelic vibe for a more old-school feeling. The contrast clearly displays Tekeo’s refusal to be boxed in from a sonic perspective. The artist switches styles with charisma. This dexterity will not surprise some, as the artist regularly puts out beats and vaporwave under the 超高Titan pseudonym.

Avoiding egotism, the artist utilises an infectious energy that carries him through. On the track Again, the artist claims he ‘knew the shit was gonna be dope’ as soon as the beat played. In this characterisation, there is an embrace between artist and music, Tekeo and the beat in perfect correlation with each other. Got It Like That is another highlight of the artist’s boastful side, heavy bass and trumpet samples providing him a perfect soundscape to stomp around in.

There is a real skill in how Tekeo comes across as a personable character at the very same time. Boasts and brags land with impact, but moments of understanding land equally well. A touching desire to push his effect on this world past the realms of making music is communicated through Surprised. An off-kilter instrumental with muffled piano and voice gift Tekeo the ideal location to voice his fears and concerns. He doubts the therapeutic relief music brings him. He questions the overarching purpose of his artistry. The track stands out, as Tekeo’s fears of futility echo a feeling of malaise many artists will empathise with. 

Though Tekeo Moment 2 is fun, the artist cannot help but speak on inequality around him. Righteous and Changes 2 call for a sense of personal responsibility in an adversarial society. The track Maya Angelou harnesses the titular poet’s power, with guest Censored DIALOGUE reiterating her theory that the way you make someone feel can have a deeply profound effect. 

Tekeo Moment 2 showcases an artist having fun with their craft, and that is what makes the release so endearing. Tekeo showcases a love for all things hip hop whilst also embellishing his offering with inventive production.