In The Balance

Vitesse X


Liam Murphy

January 19, 2023

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An exciting artist bursts into the new year with bright garage-y single

As humanity careens into a new year, the proliferation of technology once thought unfathomable shows no sign of slowing down. From self-driving cars to virtual realities, as the future is shaped in ways only science fiction visionaries were able to predict, humanity gets more of an understanding that some things thought innovative and revolutionary were best left to art.

In artistic ventures, envisioning the future – either in a detailed conceptual work or in art that gives us a futuristic sensation – is an opportunity to help the listener transcend the world they see around them. This desire to move far beyond the ever-evolving world we know is evident in the work of Vitesse X. The New York-based producer harnessed a modern rave energy on last year’s Us Ephemeral to much acclaim. With new single In The Balance – released on the label Music Website, which she co-founded – she offers more exciting futuristic music.

Clean, twinkling keys are pushed forward insistently by a sturdy kick drum, a forthright pristine sound presenting itself immediately. Sharply-actioned vocal samples spray out with a sparkling sheen similar to the melody line. A dizzying futuristic energy proudly steadies itself in front of the listener before pulling us into through a crescendo of vocals into a slick electronic beat. A garage tinge to the instrumentation keeps everything dazzling and glossy. The mood is very science fiction-inspired, but the melody is one of confident, poppy presentability. This results in a sound that has a dance-y energy while also sparking the imagination. It is impossible not to be beset with some manner of futuristic vision. A neon skyline blurs into one singularity – the semi-magical vehicle the listener inhabits shooting off an impossible speed – as the melody shifts into a yearning swirl of vocals and synth.

Vitesse X’s lead vocals are noticeably absent from this excursion, no doubt teasing her full return after a hugely acclaimed album. But the instrumentation is charismatic and thoughtful enough to stand by itself, and the well-placed vocal samples and moments of intense layering offer a unique human vitality to the track. It is a shifted one, more akin to an android than a normal human, supported by the beautiful artwork that shows two humanoid entities, clad completely in mercurial silver, in a loving embrace.

In The Balance charts a confident push into the new year for Vitesse X with a dazzling single, but it also exemplifies the joy of exploring a sensorial future more tied in with vague references to tech as promoting otherness than any detailed conceptual idea. The artwork and pristine instrumentation join to offer the listener a fun and forceful burst from the future, a chance to transcend with the aid of fantastic music.