Listencorp review image of utopia by negative gemini


Negative Gemini


Liam Murphy

June 11, 2021

Tracks in this feature

Tracks in this release

Both rain and sun loom over the paradises presented on this pair of imaginative dance tracks

Stairs of synth notes are drenched with rain, swiftly followed by a lower chord that bows out across the expansive landscape before us. Everything sounds soaked on Clown Cleaner, as if it were calling to us from a city street plagued by grey showers. Even as the pitter patter fades out, overtaken by a steady rhythm, there is something in the percussion’s momentum that cascades like water. Glimmering pad chords glide upwards as rays of light begins to break through. Negative Gemini unleashes heavy and resonant drum work, grasping control of the track immediately. The listener feels in motion, as if at the start they were static, watching the downpour, and now they swim through the rainy scene from high above the ground. The feelings of vertigo increase as the artist breaks the percussion, to have it return a little more docile. We soar under our own volition for a short time. Pace and atmosphere are balanced so well, and as we enter back into the rainy realm we are joined by a chirping acid house synth lead and beautifully confident, solitary piano notes that see us to the song’s conclusion. They leave us with a sense of warmth and comfort, as if we are safe at home now, the window to the grey world slowly closing.

House of Trix glides in like a breath of fresh air, the chirping of birds and general sunny sounds set a sharp contrast to the previous track. Junglist beats burst onto the track as euphoric vocals soar majestically above everything else. Casting off the clattering noise of percussion momentarily, Negative Gemini charges forward with a more straightforward rhythm as another acid synth makes an appearance. Beautiful chords shimmer in the distance as we dive with the artist back into the bass-driven rhythms. Those driving lower tones provide the track with a solid foundation, with the majority of the other parts of instrumentation flying high into the air. The melodic aspects of the track are reminiscent of blinding lens flare, or the general shimmering brilliance of a sunny day.

The two sides to Utopia are fairly different, each presenting a contrasting mood and atmosphere. However, in both, Negative Gemini showcases a penchant for placing cacophonous beats as a very central part of the instrumentation. The percussive sections storm in and immediately take control of the tracks, allowing the artist to paint these beautiful tinges of blistering sunlight and cascading showers on top of harsh drums. In a way, the artist conveys two warring utopias, whilst also presenting tracks that are infectious in there pacing and a joy to listen to.