Listencorp review image of reporpoised phantasies by machine girl

RePorpoised Phantasies

Machine Girl


Liam Murphy

July 23, 2020

Tracks in this feature

Tracks in this release

Wasting no time, Machine Girl pushes us onto the speeding waltzer of Cyan Hardcore with dizzying, chewed up house chords delivered at a fast pace. A steady kick gives way to rapid drum work as the artist employs their recognisable fun and frantic rhythmic style. As the percussion falls away, we get a sense of the rich melodies hiding within the track. The chewed up chords become cushioned by playful steel drum-like sounds bringing a beautiful skipping melody to the fore. A voice gets dashed against the salvo of percussion, diced into pieces upon impact, another slipping about on the surface excreting DJ scratching sounds as it falls about. The track is a high octane opener set at an intense speed, but plays out with Machine Girl’s characteristic carefree vigour.

Waited So Long immediately envelops the listener in thick notes as an echoing voice peels off into the middle distance. Unlike the last song, Machine Girl pushes the melody to the forefront, an emotive trio of chords playing out, greeted finally by the titular refrain. The vocal motif is set so beautifully within the song, delivered with an aching passion, echoing with this sublime dramatic energy that is impossible to resist. The power of this refrain coaxes another beautiful steel drum-like melody out of its conch shell. From here the track pulls back a bit, we go from solely percussion to calmer vocal samples floating over to the listener in foamy bursts. And just as the percussion pulls away, the track revs up again into the same thick notes it began with before fading out.

Machine Girl flips Merky ACE’s Greaze for the next track, transforming the heavy-handed original (produced by Teddy) into a juke-inspired dance banger. Merky ACE’s confident delivery rattles off as the pace is sustained by the artist’s fierce instrumentation. A siren begins to rise from the bottom of the mix to the top as we launch into the hook once again. The pathway Machine Girl sets out for us peppered with ups, downs and unexpected twists.

An ominous voice announces the title of The Storm before we find ourselves blasted toward an eerie soundscape. Beautifully timed keys splash across the floor of the track as an incessant sound calls out like some sort of submarine alarm. In The Storm we find the artist playing with imaginative percussive timing. It rattles off as we expect it to the majority of the time, but toward the end of each bar of the main section it stalls a bit allowing us to hear the beautiful keys a little more. The artist also delights in pulling back or interjecting with a hit the listener wasn’t expecting. Another emotive vocal sample is integrated. Around the midway point, Machine Girl switches up the atmosphere completely. The track suddenly begins to lift off of the ground like a balloon filling with helium, spurred on by glittering keys. That alarm sound slips into a supersonic screech and fuller percussion lashes out at the listener. And so the artist successfully elevates the track, it transforms past its already unique sound and the intensity is heightened to an incredible and unexpected level.

The artist implements another set of dizzying footwork notes for Infinite Potentiality, the sound squealing upwards in pitch at the end of every bar. A mystical soundbite from Xavier: Renegade Angel sees us through into a excited percussive sequence. Machine Girl invigorates the track’s proceedings once again by peppering it with lead synths firing out accenting notes. We find ourselves running toward another unseen precipice as the samples begin to sing out with a searing power, snares rattling as we pick up the pace to take a dive into aqueous instrumentation. From underneath the phased samples, a resonant synth rises firing out notes in a fast melody. The speed is kept so effortlessly, one can imagine echelons of bodies dancing like lunatics waiting for the momentum to drop, hopelessly sighing as they release it never will. House-y bass continues to thump as all else disappears. There is silence for an extended amount of time before some sort of heavenly machine begins to whir and calculate, a noise sweeping upwards into inaudibility. Discordant drones and shouting voices fill the mix, distorted past the point of comprehension. A topsy turvy synth line kicks in, an off-cut concluding the EP like a piece of defunct sonic chaos that latched onto the back end of the final song.

Machine Girl’s RePorpoised Phantasies packs a giddy punch, gifting us a taste of their unique production power. It plays out with the untameable energy of a school child on their third energy drink. The tracks gleam with an effervescent vitality, each one engaging the listener differently but with similar levels of passion and precision.

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