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Key 2 My <3 EP



Liam Murphy

April 16, 2021

Tracks in this feature

Tracks in this release

Bursting with high-octane emotive tracks, Kittynxc’s EP showcases how nightcore can be so much fun

Since its inception, nightcore’s energy has been hard to capture in an EP or album format. When the energy is at such an incredibly high point, it feels more safe to let tracks shoot out as singles or as part of compilations; short bursts that leave the listener shocked and energised. Moving this style into a format with multiple tracks from the same artist can be challenging. The genre warps many sounds and genres in an interesting way, but in ratcheting up the intensity of a track you can cause it to become supercharged and somewhat defiant of placement in a larger body of songs.

Kittynxc’s Key 2 My ❤ definitely goes someway to achieve this though. Each song pops with a unique energy, but also compliments the tracks around it. The EP as a whole showcases how nightcore can be a weapon of insatiable energy. From tracks that have that beautifully pearlescent innocence to them, firing pitched-up vocal trills through fast-moving piano and synth, to a track like Speed Of Sound feat. Gasoiid that presents this wonderful organic chaos as bass clatters from one side of the track to the other.

Set My ❤ On Fire is a representation of nightcore’s ability to rip a song from its original context and supercharge it as Dillon’s Thirteen Thirtyfive is transformed into a searing DnB experience. Her vocals chopped in one moment and then sprayed out smoothly into an echoed space at another.

Bass and percussion weigh heavy on each track. There is no real need to slow down as the beautiful and wistful moments do not require a change in intensity or speed. They come packaged in a speedy little bursts, the interjection of a frail piano or a hyperactive vocal performance. The resonant nature of the bass on Can’t Let U Go almost makes you think that you are back in the age of NITE CORP. and NXC MANSION comps. Or that maybe those sorts of large congregations of artists and high speed emotive goodness never left.

Full of an innocent energy with bass threatening to burst out of its tight slipstream, Kittynxc manages to package up five high-octane nightcore tracks on Key 2 My ❤. With the feature from Gasoiid helping to provide a different experience on the EP, the other tracks burst with a fist-pumping club energy that is too much fun not to enjoy.