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Liam Murphy

February 1, 2021

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Tracks in this release

A track that glistens with a precisely engineered feeling of gracefulness and joy

A thick atmosphere opens up quickly as the track begins. It consists of an icy layer of ambience underneath the vocal sample that salute instantly draws our attention to. Wasting no time, a kick asserts itself followed by an insurgent bass melody that sits saturated and unable to dip fully into its lower end. Great forms sway and sweep behind the commanding beat, metallic sounds and melodies followed by a sandy dissonance that works up into a crescendo. From here salute caresses the vocals up to the top, allowing us to get a clear vision of them before diving into a deep and heavy beat.

The kick now carries with it swathes of bass-y melody, landing solidly onto the ground of the instrumentation with every impact. Each beat is also laced with the beautiful vocal melody. The artist lines up every aspect of the sound with the impacts, creating this beautiful pulsing sensation. Violins join in with a heart-wrenching lament that climbs through this wonderful melody. salute collects everything up and moves towards another cathartic drop. The entirety of the track drips this fantastic elegance, the careful placement and delivery of vocals amidst austere but warm instrumentation.

salute‘s Jennifer carries this glowing brilliance to it that makes it impossible not to envision long drawn-out summer evenings, surrounded by friends and positive energy. From the very first listen, it feels like that sort of song that you can almost hear on the air when you see a sun-drenched field full of people or a clear sky. It gives off this sensation of hope and determination. It is an affirmation of summer and encourages the hope that we will see friends and have fun once again.