Liam Murphy

September 17, 2023

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Tracks in this release

To celebrate the release of our fourth print magazine (which you can purchase here), we asked some artists their favourite projects on Vapor Memory that are currently on under 3,000 views, in order to shine a light on some of the channels less appreciated releases. 10% with the code: EVENT10


Sunset Inc. – MidWinter

I love this album's super chill yet almost haunted vibe, really taps into a deep sense of melancholy for me.


V//Tomo – Dirty Odyssey

An underappreciated album on Vapor Memory I'd recommend checking out is Dirty Odyssey by V//Tomo. Taking plenty of influences from Nmesh and death's dynamic shroud, V//Tomo manages to weave a plunderphonic retro landscape on the theme of travelling to the West coast. There is undoubtedly a more complex context than what I've described but you don't necessarily need to know it to appreciate the tracks.

luxury elite


This album was one of my favourite discoveries last year. The curation in this split is insane to me, and the artists did a fantastic job of keeping it cohesive. I adore the use of German commercials from the late 90s/early 2000s! You can just imagine the bubble text, the cgi-filled tech ads, the bright colours, the anime influence, the massive platform shoes and butterfly clips (and likely one or two inflatable chairs in the background). I usually can’t listen to most broken transmission while driving, or without being in a particular headspace for them, but this is very accessible and super easy to listen to. And SO FUN. Highly recommend.


Ohm-N-I : プラネットネオ東京

Out of all the albums VM has uploaded, this one takes me to the most places. The line of light and dark is constantly being tightroped! I don't know if Ohm-N-I spent his time in goth/industrial clubs, but this music manages to capture that whole scene and vibe, while doing that clearly in a present time, still somewhere in the past.


Broken Spear – Truth Pieces

It’s such a beautiful album – eclectic, contemplative, nostalgic yet forward-pushing.

Like fragments of memories or scenes of different eras of someone’s life. It goes between super-intimate feeling songs, hyper pop bangers like ‚silent energy’ that would be at home on pc music. There’s rap, wonky lofi guitar, post rock, gothic type o negative energy, an angsty rock ballad, through to spoken word art over Harold Budd type evolving ambient guitar on 25 Legs. The tracks with features feel like you’re being told the story from a friend’s perspective.

I’d say sit down and give this a full listen with no distraction; it needs the attention you would give a film. It’s your future favourite album.

Zer0 れい

Giant Claw – Dark Web & y o u r d i s c o v e r y : я e v e я s e o s m o s i s

Aside from my own albums that never broke through, there is so much gold at those low listener levels on Vapor Memory. Giant Claw's Dark Web is as visionary as it ever was and a great introduction to the weird mind that is, was and forever shall be Keith Rankin (of DDS and Orange Milk fame).

On a more personal level I'd love to spotlight y o u r d i s c o v e r y : я e v e я s e o s m o s i s. First of an absolutely incredible run of sample-free albums that explore every facet of the vapor genres. Absolutely transcendental shimmering tones carry you through this epic journey with inspirations as wide as muzak and video game water levels to all sorts new age soundscapes.

Cameron's very punchy and polished production style that he'll hone through further albums is already very present here. And it doesn't hurt that this was one of my first real commissions as a visual artist, getting the opportunity to work with one of my favorite labels: Aquablanca 音楽レーベル.