Listencorp review image of unbottled fangs by eventual infinity and fake fever

Unbottle // Fangs

eventual infinity and Fake Fever


Liam Murphy

February 24, 2021

Tracks in this feature

Tracks in this release

These talented artists release the first of a series of collaborative tracks, blooming with a beauty reminiscent of their solo material

The first official collaborative effort from Fake Fever and eventual infinity breezes in as you may have dreamt it always would. A light sequence played on keys, carrying with it almost no body or discernible form. It seems to exist merely as a twinkling aura that bandies back and forth in a swirling phased delay. The melody is one of headiness, a feeling of pleasant vertigo that will not cause too much of a shock to those that have listened to these artists before. The shimmering melody is then picked up by more stable synths amidst a heavy and rhythmic refrain. From here sandy cymbals are impacted by an incessant kick, and Fake Fever seamlessly floats into view. ‘We’ve been drifting off again’. There is a feeling of catharsis that runs through the track. The glimmering release of pressure at the beginning of most of the bars, accompanied by Fake Fever’s lyrics that speak of past behaviour gently in the verse and a more confident admission of present psychological fugue in the chorus. The instrumental blooms and rescinds gracefully throughout, progressing into a more defiant melodic sequence as a guitar soars across the soundscape. Not a loose thread can be found in the tightly knit partnership between the two, as their sounds and styles embrace each other with a noticeable smoothness.

Fangs hits with a more grounded energy, a sparse atmosphere leading into an unwavering bass melody that provides a clear and calculated foundation. The flitting percussion provides a real sense of electronic intensity to the second track, there is a more galvanised feeling to it. Fake Fever compliments this grounded power with a dynamic vocal performance, featuring a call and response between a calmly sung vocal and one that flies in a passionate falsetto. This beautiful back and forth leaves the soundscape sparse, primed for a slow, echoing build up. After the last of the ghostly spoken words have evaporated, the artists instate the heavy bass joined by an electrifying arpeggio. Again, the track shines with this blinding light, brought on by the power of the instrumental. Dazed from the energy, Fake Fever places vocals in the pulsating environment brilliantly. The listener finds that same brutish arpeggiation melody recreated by a timid music box chime before all fades out.

There’s no question that the artists brought out two of the most enjoyable projects of last year. It would be amiss to not convey that in this pair of tracks, we hear the light breathy nature of departure meet with the powerful driving performance on Surrogate. But more than this, the two tracks illustrate clearly that these two artists are bounding from strength to strength, and that the collaborative energy that resides between them bears some incredibly rewarding material.