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I Too Shall Be Saved By Love

Terna Jay


Liam Murphy

May 28, 2019

Tracks in this feature

Tracks in this release

Wish introduces us to the world Terna Jay wishes us to walk in with him. Crisp samples of reversed strings…

Wish introduces us to the world Terna Jay wishes us to walk in with him. Crisp samples of reversed strings fill the confident production. Though many of the samples sound as though they have been warped or reversed, there is a definitive melody that the short track follows. Organic and thoughtful.

Tear Me explodes with restrained synths bobbing under expertly minimalist drum sequencing. The vocalist controls his voice perfectly, every line is delivered with emotion and clarity. It is euphoric and striking as and when it is required. It is only when everything drops out you understand the atmosphere created by the beautiful vocals. The lyrics are unforgettable. Each one vulnerable as the last, Terna Jay pours all of himself into delivering them and Tear Me proves to be one of the most enjoyable tracks on the album.

An interludes dribbles in in the form of September Rain. A gentle-voiced female singer croons in reverse over piano and strings. With the interlude, Terna gives us time to reflect, time that is so sorely needed in this original and heartfelt excursion.

Foreign Lands’ driving rhythm and poppy synthline contrasts Tear Me perfectly. The beat is energetic and infectious to. However Terna’s production does not forget the affectations of spectacle it learnt in the second track. As the vocals are introduced, huge sawtooth waves crash alongside a driving drum line, rising and falling. Everything about the album is unique, a mish-mash of influences being woven together with an honest and breathtaking artistry.

Terna Jay reinvents Coldplay’s Fun in a brief interlude. The title is apt as he plays with the song with little care for a definitive runtime, the rendition is certainly welcome.

Future invites the listener (if they have not already) to revel in the glistening production that is being created within each track. Slow to start off, the layering of pads and fragmented vocals is used to create an incredible sense of depth and feeling. The production retains an innocent quality to it, lost so much in producers who strive to create something austere. Terna sends synths whipping back and forth before plunging them into a pool of echoed notes. The bass drum inevitably hits, and the sublime nature of the track is truly revealed.

Violent Heart starts with crying, pulsating tones. Terna’s voice dances behind them, before stepping out into the open with beautiful trills and original vocals. The drums knock you back, an unexpected assault. A sense of rawness and melody is somehow achieved within the gentle vocals and aggressive percussion. Trappy hi-hats give the track a disjointed and somber rhythm that fits so well. Terna’s vocals turn so beautifully mellow at the end of each line of the hook.

Fallen concludes proceedings. Another carefully woven blanket of patchwork euphoria falls over us. Gentle strings peek out of the noise. All of the heartfelt, genuine sadness and beauty of the album is present. A high pitched warble chases us through the crystal sounding undergrowth. Heavenly strings take the song to its melodic conclusion. And the resultant feeling is strikingly clear, as is the quality of the album. We need more from Terna Jay.

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