Sangam Hope You Don't Leave ambient music review

Hope You Don't Leave



Liam Murphy

February 27, 2022

Tracks in this feature

Tracks in this release

Delicately crafted and painfully real, a stark feeling of loneliness grips this release

Reverb is an integral weapon for any artist looking to create a dark and sombre mood. The right amount of echo can turn a simple synth progression or droning note into an excruciatingly emotional piece, full of sorrow and atmospheric gravitas. This being the case, there is no end to the amount of releases mired in echo, the melodies ameliorating in a ghostly form, bit this can become detrimenal. Unless a track uses this tool carefully, or in conjunction with a certain genre style (i.e: slushwave or dreamtone), they can run the risk of simply obscuring their creation from view.

Sangam’s Hope You Don’t Leave is a vital representation of a release thats use of reverb is spurious, allowing beautiful melodies to wash to the forefront of the mix. The opener Remain Unknown To Your Lost Cause moves free from the suffocating effects of overwhelming reverb, the listener can feel the elegantly revolving tune as it weaves and coils through waves of phaser and crackling feedback. Careful not to constrict the track to the intangible realm of an unending echo chamber, Sangam produces something with a palpable sadness. The same can be said about the following track, The Path To F All. Instead of some gargantuan creature lurking in the expansive darkness, we hear the large, thumping footsteps of a great force making its way down a rain-stricken street. A feeling of realness haunts the track.

Instead of being overbearing or unfathomable, Sangam is able to steer each track into having a familiar atmosphere. The title track is reservedly menacing. Dizzy synth notes flicker up out of heavy, murky background texture. Its subtlety and broodiness feel like those lonely walks home, those creeping sounds lingering just inches into the shadows of a park or alleyway. There is an incredible moment of catharsis, as sinister notes begin a sudden upturn in pitch, sounding a little more positive. Fingers of sunlight rising into the purpling darkness as you reach the safety of home. The nuance of the atmosphere allows for a real situation to emerge from the listener’s subconscious.

Instead of being overbearing or unfathomable, Sangam is able to steer each track into having a familiar atmosphere.

The clarity of instrumentation even allows for an emotive use of vocals on Sorry Is Not The Answer. Crisp apologies resound whilst dramatic synth notes writhe behind unabated rain. The voice is not completely lost to a torrent of swirling euphoria, it sings out clearly with short ricocheting reverb, evoking visions of brutalist architecture under a sky beset with jowls of grey rain clouds.

Unobscured and unapologetically bleak, Sangam’s Hope You Don’t Leave brings the listener face to face with feelings of sadness and angst. With melodic sequences that radiate with a refreshing clarity, each track gives a sense of true realness and with this comes an unforgettable, immersive listening experience.