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Rival Consoles


Liam Murphy

June 17, 2020

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Tracks in this release

Rival Consoles’ Articulation starts with a light, airy drum pattern. As the pitch of the solid bass drum moves up…

Rival Consoles’ Articulation starts with a light, airy drum pattern. As the pitch of the solid bass drum moves up and down, the listener can already hear a dynamic quality to the track. The main melody slips in under the guise of percussion, only to explode like  spores across the rhythmic floor of the track. The notes are emotive, but also have a unique characterisation brought about by the evident changes in delay time between them. Some notes trickle out rapidly, whereas others judder seeming to exert a larger pressure. At the end of each sequence, these notes beautifully stumble into a conclusive cadence.

Setting up the main aspects of the track, the artist lets these sharp melodies fill a reverberating space. Their sounds alter ever so slightly, whilst the echo that carries on after them seems to follow a regimented pattern. At this point we can hear the artist toying with the malleable essence of electronic composition. He seems to be concocting something half organic, and half artificial. The melody sounds emotional and powerful, but there are still certain boundaries it cannot cross.

As wisps of sound fill the background, the notes suddenly stop. They break up into fragments allowing Rival Consoles to introduce muffled voices and sharp stringed instruments. A heavy bass drum signals the reawakening of the main melody, and notes begin again to fan out across the stereo field. Joined this time by a rhythmic beeping tone. Using this slight difference, the artist can lever in new sounds and melodies. A synth gracefully dances in the background, bringing a more classically melodic aspect to the track.

A note ricochets violently, bringing the rhythm to a halt once again. Pads begin an unassuming descent, joined by deeper sounds as they fall. Low notes charge into the space. The violent ricochet happens once again as the artist pushes us back into the slipstream of tempo. The track builds up so effortlessly, the skeletal melody melds with the sinking pads.

Whining feedback begins to emit from deep within the track, cut short once again by that beautiful rhythmic melody. The emotion behind the rhythmic echo sounding renewed and heartfelt.

Rival Consoles offers an insight into his forthcoming album with this track. Delicately toying with delay times and unorthodox rhythm. Articulation is a rhythmic electronic song at its core, but utilises the floating, gossamer feeling of a classical piece at certain points. Bolstered by heavy drums, it is a journey that meshes fluid motion with imaginative timings.