Listencorp review image of padall/cry by kogarashi




Liam Murphy

April 11, 2021

Tracks in this feature

Tracks in this release

Kogarashi releases two tracks that offer pained and irresistibly heartfelt melodies in an interesting hybrid style

Pained buds of piano bloom along a slowly ameliorating trellis of more patient and guiding notes. The loose sequence only lasts a few seconds but sets a tone of austere as Pedall begins. The organic nature of this introduction is swept away swiftly by harrowing low notes and Kogarashi’s commanding vocals beginning. The bass notes gurgle with an incredible depth, tinged by distortion. Kogarashi sets out vocals, sweetened with autotune but still jagged and dynamic. The lyrics feel fractured also, keeping to around two or four words each line, the definitive and repeated ‘tomorrow is now’ hits with power and meaning. Within a minute or so the listener is brought into an incredibly dramatic atmosphere that the artist dresses with subtle harmony and swelling background noise. Kogarashi’s lyrics are strong and confident over it all. There are residual vocal tones that sustain in a murmuring tone before being swept up by the rising intensity of the bass. The ruffled noise of feedback gives way to a slow and steady guitar sequence. The lyrics tell of a person at the very end of a realisation, regretting their actions surrounding someone that meant them harm. From a low delivery to a more tuneful lament, Kogarashi’s voice plays along with the beautifully triumphant guitar line. Joined by keys as it rises up into the sky, the instrumentation shines as it heads toward a blinding light that envelopes everything in a scratchy embrace before vaporising it.

Cry sees Kogarashi whipping their deep tone up into a high-pitched emotive form, fitting it neatly with the quaint and cute melody of a dynamic synth and the style that borrows an emotive purity from nightcore. The words speak of tackling emotions with the passion but indecisiveness of a fighter afraid to throw a punch, chastising oneself for such feelings of anxiety. We follow the high-pitched voice as it starts on the first few steps of an aspirational melody, striving forward despite the overwhelming nature of emotions. Again, Kogarashi seems so confident in delivering these lines, an endearing innocence is conveyed perfectly. Percussion bursts in as the real Kogarashi reveals themselves, lyrics pushed out in a similar rhythm but with the dulcet tone of an unmanipulated voice. More honesty from the lyrics, confessing attempts at faking it and fading away into anonymity. The protagonist is unsure whether to show themselves to the world. This song is a place where they can be confident and charismatic, an outlet for their burning feelings. ‘All I can do right now is cry’, the melancholic line sweeps away the heavy percussion, leading to a slow and melodic build up. Beautifully resonant notes emerge, playing out in a brilliant waltz. The build up leads to a climax of beauty rather than of sound before the last note is snuffed out.

Kogarashi showcases themselves to the listener like never before; galvanised by emotion, having honed their sound. Though the songs show a shyness and an anxiety, it is presented clearly and in an incredibly endearing manner. There is a real palpable feeling that the forthcoming Acoustic Nightcore could be a release to remember. If these singles are anything to go by, the artist is taking on a brilliant and daring concept in which we find the hyper-emotive nature of nightcore stripped back and refined in a unique way.