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Good Advice

Mitch Wade Cole


Liam Murphy

March 25, 2019

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Tracks in this release

Mitch Wade Cole’s teaser track Good Advice from the forthcoming EP of the same name wastes no time in introducing itself as a vibrant and inviting song. The bouncy synth notes begin cloudy and dulled, but unveil themselves in no time, accompanied by a spoken word sample that engages the listener in an emotionally, nostalgic manner. Emotional, not in the tone of voice, but in the phrase itself: ‘did you see what we see? like when we was young?’.

Mitch gives us very sparing amounts of time to get a comfortable grip on the track before the bass-line erupts into a syncopated set of tones. This is the first of many times that the characteristics of the song can be seen to actively buck traditions of house music. In this case, the long, drawn-out introduction. Cliches are nowhere to be seen, as we are thrown into the full atmosphere of the track a mere 1 minute in.

That atmosphere is then enlarged still as a bright, arpeggiated melody swims from one side of the track to the other. Trapped behind the large bass drum rhythm, an infectious vocal sample repeats, adding yet another entertaining texture for the listener to mull over. But just as you are getting a feel for these twists and turns, Mitch slams the brakes on your comprehension, bringing the crisp percussion and bass-lines smashing through the melodic elements of the synth and vocals. Reminding you that there is a song to be danced to.

House music can often leave you with too much time to take in its separate elements, and it is often hard to truly appreciate it without experiencing it in a live setting. Here, through a combination of fun, vibrant parts and a runtime that doesn’t leave time to breathe, Mitch Wade Cole allows you to take in each individual piece of brilliance in a short, snappy amount of time, leaving you just enough to dance off your strenuous analysis!

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