April 20, 2024

Tracks in this feature

Tracks in this release

In the latest edition of listencorp's print magazine, we dive into the world of WipEout. A gaming franchise with several classic instalments harnessing the brilliance of fast, futuristic racing and trance-y 90s beats. We speak to composer Tim Wright, lead developer Nick Burcombe and senior creative writer Damon Fairclough about how the original run of games came together and try to understand its impact on music and underground tech culture.

After 10 years of supplying some of the most interesting experimental electronic music available, Noumenal Loom have decided to cease activity at the label. We speak to its creators Isa and Holly about their time managing the label and the memories they will hold with them as they move forward into future projects.

Sam Barker explores the beautiful ambient music of the Messier project, an exploration of space and a sonic tribute to stargazers everywhere.

listencorp #005 also features AUX picks from experimental vaporwave producer christtt, who also runs Business Casual, plus reviews of Nondi_'s Flood City Trax, Lauren Bousfield's Salesforce, MANAPOOL's Silent Core: Infinity Construct, Null Object's Overmorrow and Simple Syrup's Bloom.

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