June 14, 2022

Tracks in this feature

Tracks in this release

The second edition of listencorp magazine is now available to purchase.

Around six months since the release of the very first edition of the music blog's magazine, listencorp #002 contains exploration of internet phenomena, insight into popular-yet-elusive artists and music analysis.

In the lead article, we dive into the world of artwork created using artificial intelligence. Generative Adversarial Networks (otherwise known as GANs) work together to form approximations of a prompt given by a human being. The proliferation of the process has led many to refine the craft, and make incredible artwork. For this magazine exclusive insight, listencorp enlisted the help of aficionado Vito Genovese (@DMTFL_).

The secondary lead article gave rise to an remarkable discovery. Upon researching into DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ (@DJSTTDJ), listencorp was shocked to find out that the artist's moniker is no mere joke, and so ensued an in-depth interview with the real life teenage witch herself.

Vaporwave legend 猫 シ Corp (@catsystemcorp). joins the list of artists who have offered some of their favourite tracks and musical memories for the ongoing AUX series, though this installation will be a magazine exclusive.

The new magazine also features reviews of the most interesting music from the past six months, including Fuuka ASMR, Rival Consoles, Zvrra, Tekeo, Amy Reid, VANITAS命死 and FM Skyline.