Listencorp review image of クリスタル BEPIS by Corrupted Data Corp™

クリスタル BEPIS

Corrupted Data Corp™


Liam Murphy

August 1, 2021

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Tracks in this release

Carbonated cadences abound on this release, in which we sip on a myriad of sounds all backed by masterful production

The atmospheric motion of azure blue waves is followed by the carefree popping of a can, an aura of relaxation gently christens the beginning Corrupted Data Corp™’s クリスタル BEPIS. The promise of cool refreshment is fulfilled from the very beginning of the album. On クリスタル (Crystal) Glass, we hear fizzles of synth dance across the surface of the thirst-quenching liquid, followed by deep burping bubbles rising to the top of the aluminium vessel. After a while, the perfectly sweetened taste hits us, marked by graceful descending bell sounds that work themselves into a wonderful sequence. Everything is intensely pristine, set in this solid structure supported by trap hi-hats and droning bass. 

Like that much-needed can of flavoured nectar on a humid summers day, the album runs through many pleasing tastes and tinges. Water Temple (Alt. Mix) has that bleary sound of a summery house tune, racing pearlescent samples flood over the track like beautifully clear water from a geyser. C e r u l e a n M a r b l e™ gives off the familiar feeling of IDM, with its austere cadences and muffled tones. Stuttered vocal samples splash against the solid structure of the instrumentation, dashing into fragments upon impact. Corrupted Data Corpeven leans a little more into the trap sound on Poured Fresh, the trickling hi-hats get turned up a few notches and we’re treated to holographic, uncanny notes floating, tapered by every booming bass hit. 

There is an opaline vibe to the album’s sound, an eagerness for a structure that does not obstruct the listener. The percussion sets out a very clear rhythm without crowding the sound space. And the synths are engineered to be perfectly untarnished. Each melody offered sounds like a beautiful pool of crystalline water, inviting exploration and total rejuvenation.

The end of our quenching can takes a wholesome turn, with the two closing tracks setting out a noticeably more emotive sound. Glass Palm Paradise’s bright piano sequence is wistful and heartwarmingly triumphant. Empty Carbonated Caves gives quaint, Tomita-esque sounds with frail high notes before creeping toward swathes of comforting pads, as the last few drops of the carbonated ambrosia pass our lips. 

Corrupted Data Corp™’s album fizzes with incredibly palatable melodies and a flow that is easy to fall into. Though the taste varies, the solid foundations each stage is built on help the listener to enjoy in repose. The slightly more vulnerable feel toward the end conveys to the listener that one can find beautiful, unforgettable experiences even in a can of cool, crisp, carbonated soda.