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I Am the One

Lore City


Liam Murphy

June 30, 2021

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Tracks in this release

Echoes of loss fill a gloomy, bleak backdrop in this track from the duo's forthcoming album

A gentle thrum of percussion sets a course in the middle distance. It is animated in its movement, setting out a repetitive motion that includes low- and high-pitched impacts. Bleary visions of figures across a landscape, trudging up hills and down dips in the terrain. Sharp bass notes bounces across the expanse in front of the listener. The listener can feel a sense of magnitude, each part of the track communicating a boundless environment. Its amelioration is gradual though, like the slow opening of one’s eyes.

Laura Mariposa Williams’ voice begins to whisper on winds that whippet high above our head, dancing gracefully alongside overlooking piano keys. As Laura’s voice begins to harmonise with itself, we feel the sand around our feet flutter in the wind, whipping by our legs and catching in our eyes. The lyrical content almost sounds as if it were uttered by some long forgotten spirit, now cursed to speak through the elements careening around the desolate wasteland. ‘I wish you could have been there with me’, the regret and pain sounds long since extinguished, and the shell of the heartache now erodes, becoming blinding grains that buffet around in the wind. Laura’s voice has become the one who will take us along, as its calling nature gently guides us toward an endless trail.

The track burns like embers, patiently and in an unassuming manner. Despite this, we get a tremendous sense of the individuals’ creative synergy. The piano lying consummately over the pilgrimaging percussion, the precise positioning of vocals and harmonies so they appear fully delved into the open landscape. There is a darkness to the track that is reminiscent of the more avant-garde branches of punk rock and alternative music. However, this darkness does not seek to dim the alluring space that Lore City set out before us.