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gabriel eduardo


Liam Murphy

March 12, 2020

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Tracks in this release

A beautiful mellow pad floats in as underwater begins. Striking choral melodies are bounced forward like incessant waves along a…

A beautiful mellow pad floats in as underwater begins. Striking choral melodies are bounced forward like incessant waves along a shore. The percussion flows with this same hypnotic pulsing rhythm. Everything seems to buffet along with a beautiful undulation of sound. The artist is gabriel eduardo, a name that may not necessarily ring as familiar, but the real name of no less than Windows96. With beautiful projects such as Plume Valley and Enchanted Instrumentals and Whispers made under the pseudonym, there’s something about underwater that hits a little more organically.

A guitar stutters with a muted note as a muffled, aquatic voice floats up from the ocean floor. The voice is soft, and its melodies soothingly gliding along with the rhythm created by the drums and guitar. The minor sections of the track hit with this beautiful sense of nostalgic longing, as if the listener watches a memory or lost love drift slowly over the horizon.

Space clears in the track for a squelching synth lead to stab warbling sounds into the water below. A whistling, portamento sound almost feels like a comical edition to the texture, but it works perfectly. Its tone contrasting beautifully with the rough feel of the powerful lead melody.

It seems like no coincidence that gabriel eduardo felt that his own name was more appropriate for this excursion. Windows96 is responsible for so many beautiful and often groundbreaking songs and albums, but something about this track feels so pure and honest. The way the vocals hide timidly among the coral reefs of pad and synth, the engaging textures and instrumentation integrated into such a simple concept.

With R&Bish qualities meshed into this aquatic theme, the artist delivers a breathtaking single. It was released accompanied by a beautiful video including footage of sealife and cute hand-drawn images superimposed on top. Watch below: