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eventual infinity


Liam Murphy

September 9, 2020

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Tracks in this release

Melodious synths float in as we find ourselves on some form of transport. departure immediately situates us in a social…

Melodious synths float in as we find ourselves on some form of transport. departure immediately situates us in a social situation, but the effervescent quality of the music pulls us into an introverted mindset. A voice warmly reminds us to have our seatbelt fastened as we leave the gate. Though the nature of the transport isn’t explicitly clear, guitars begin to soar above us with a vertiginous sound. Synths bubble up as another voice prepares the flight crew for lift off, and suddenly eventual infinity lifts us off the ground, cushioned with a euphoric rhythm. Shrill guitar notes continue to peel off beside the bird that pushes us further up into the air. We find that eventual infinity’s aptly named departure is about the journey and not just the destination. The beautiful keys stretch and curl over the horizon with this sublime echo. As the percussion falls away, the nose of the plane steadies, and we drift off amidst general onboard conversation.

Our eyes open suddenly, staccato synths stretch out over a beautiful ocean view. Waves lap gently at us as we slowly wake along with the rising sound. We feel a smile creep over our face as the realisation hits us, accompanied sweetly by the percussion bursting in with a steady inoffensive rhythm. mornings in hawaii features breathtaking vocals from Fake Fever. Soft but commanding vocal melodies career over the horizon as they describe a view that stretches out in every direction. The song falls into repose as percussion fades out and the listener watches palm trees teeter gently in the warm breeze. Fake Fever’s vocals emerge from over the setting sun, his tone matching that holiday-esque feeling eventual infinity sets up perfectly. High pitched synth notes bob out on the deep blue vista as the vocals drop down into a more introverted tone. The two artists compliment each other so well in a track that drives home that feeling of warmth and relaxation.

slipstream takes a decidedly more instrumental electronic approach. Those feelings of relaxation are swiped away by a melody that starts off fairly anxiously. Ride cymbals appear like wisps of smoke amidst unsure synth melodies. The pace picks up as well, eventual infinity sending a downtempo percussive section with some momentum crashing into the fray. Drum sequencing we haven’t heard yet crops up as rattling hi hats are brought to a stop by a glitching gunshot of some sort, only for the beat to start up anew. There is still this hazy feeling of azure skies and sands, but the stakes feel higher. As if we are speeding past the boundless ocean at some speed, losing the last of the sun as we swerve in and out of tinted cars and vehicles.

Organic percussion slides in gradually, eventual infinity favouring a calm and collected introduction to every track so far. As the beat is drawn out of the lower frequencies its joined by trappy hi hat accompaniments, and sparse, whispering notes. A light but almost percussive melody begins to gracefully pirouette on the back of the buffeting instrumentation. Slowly, more minor-based melodies begin to creep in to find out. We are launched into a pacy beat with stuttering IDM-like sampling and twinkling lead bells. Things feel a shade colder, a far cry from the warmth of the first two tracks. Somehow after those relaxed tunes, the artist manages to draw the listener into a more isolated and eerie sound.

pursuit finds fat synth notes thundering down in a monotonous arpeggiation. A beat with clapped snares easily finds the rhythm and so starts a smouldering synthwave-y tune. Guitars weave their way into departure once again searing with heat as they glide alongside the very obvious rhythm being laid out. Though there is that incessant 80s bassline present, eventual infinity retains that really engaging sense of layering. Lead synths differentiated enough from glistening pads so as not to wash out the sound. Just as the listener finds themselves falling calmly into the neon sludge, a beautifully fibrous instrument bursts forth with a scatterbrained solo. Every note precisely actioned and engineered, really helping the track to open up into the second half. Resonant synth notes fizzle into the middle distance as eventual infinity pulls away from us.

Rainfall besets the start of purity (good night). The listener feels huddled under a small shelter, the rain splashing onto their feet with a gentleness. Looking out onto the vista before them, they begin to see the raindrops mixing with the clear blue ocean in a beautiful shower. Water trickles beautifully before them, catching the sun in brilliant glints of brightness. A warm and heady pad drives through the centre of the mix, lifting as the small melodies do. It feels coincidentally as if the rain has brought with it a reassuring warmth. eventual infinity works this beautiful chord progression throughout the entirety of the track. As the bass note steps up, it feels like the surroundings are brimming with water, and as it steps down that water trickles away out of view. The track is a testament to the rebirthing nature of what some may deem bad holiday weather.

A euphoric, almost religiously sublime spirit takes over as we reach our conclusion in in my dreams. Something in the resonant shroud of pad and the epic nature of the lead synth shadowed by a shaky vocal lament feels vertiginous, but in a different way to the first track. Whereas that was a feeling of great height brought about from travel, this feel as though we’ve poked through the clouds and entered some great mountain village or ancient settlement. At around the midway point, the track and all its euphoria is galvanised by a thick bass section and more rattling hi hats. The listener feels in a state of hypnosis from what could be the thin air of their current location. It feels as though we’ve come to claim the holiday destination as our home, forgetting about the journey back to drudgery. We stand with eventual infinity atop a lofty position and gaze on the enormity of nature.

departure makes for a very interesting listen. A feeling of dizziness besets us on the first track, and we move to an almost hedonistic tranquility on the second. From there, eventual infinity manages to showcase the dynamic nature of their production whilst also walking us through a distant and unknown land. At some point or another, we realise that we are as much journeying through ourselves as we are any distinct location. Though there is nods to balearic music and other chill genres in the sound, it still keeps a spiritual feeling held close throughout.