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Everytime I Cry

Dan Mason


Liam Murphy

November 27, 2019

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Tracks in this release

Dan Mason has treated us to some spectacular music in 2019. Released at the very start of the year on…

Dan Mason has treated us to some spectacular music in 2019. Released at the very start of the year on Business Casual, Hypnagogia saw him further refine a methodology of music-making that results in infectious tracks brimming with beautiful sounds. The album wavered between the euphoric throes of sleep and a heartfelt record of love songs. Everytime I Cry (released via 100% Electronica) sees him bring the year full circle. 

Dan starts the excursion with beautiful cloudy synths. Instantly images of sun and sea are evoked. On top of that, we are reminded of the artist’s prowess in creating a fully-formed and densely populated musical atmosphere while understanding sparsity and mood. Hiding behind the synths, filtered drums slowly rise out of the murkier frequencies. 

The song’s sound erupts into a steady rhythm whilst keeping its obscuring, summery haze. Shimmering bells spray past the warm waves of synth. A steady bassline lulls us into a head-nodding beat. Dan moves nonchalantly into the waiting spotlight with his characteristically infectious vocals and laidback delivery. Hanging just within the instrumentation’s mix, it’s hard not to imagine him tapping his foot leisurely, gripping the mic stand in the midst of glowing sun and rippling water. 

The song marches with a friendly ABAB structure, into which Dan’s vocals nestle comfortably. He sings in somewhat of a juxtaposition to the tonal aesthetic of the instrumentation. Lyrics tell of a past love that was easygoing and fun; now those memories cause a sun-bleached sadness when looking out at the beautiful weather and thinking back. 

A particularly brilliant lyric comes in the form of ‘taste the salt, everytime I cry’. Here Dan phases beach and break-up into one another, on one hand conveying the taste of the fresh sea salt air, and on the other, a heartbroken person overcome by grief and in floods of tears. 

But Dan is back at his best on the track, heartbroken or not. Reminding listeners that summer never really ends, especially when we have his unique brand of chilled, heady music to listen to. 

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