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Liam Murphy

October 4, 2019

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Tracks in this release

AWSIDS album begins with jerking fragments of melody as an echoed and uncertain environment forms around them. After a while,…

AWSIDS album begins with jerking fragments of melody as an echoed and uncertain environment forms around them. After a while, dissonant droning gargles overpower all else. The sounds have no end and no beginning, an amorphous and copy-ridden horde of noise. Slowly, a tripping bass line forms to drive the higher frequencies along a certain path. This bass line temperamentally bangs against the heavy sheet of sound. Glitched drumbeats appear through the fog. The bass drum of which disintegrates into a mesh of corrupted sound whenever it hits. The hi-hat and cymbal sounds spray wildly. The listener has little to no comforting cadence to hang upon. The bass line bucks wildly and the drums spray sporadically. AWSIDS creates an incredibly unpredictable environment whilst utilising the general force of droning sound.

D-SHIFT starts with a slow, menacing tune. The high-pitched repeating sound echoes dramatically. The drum beat floats in, along with a singular but overwhelming bass-y moan. Once again the artist creates an atmosphere on the very cusp of melody and structure. A thick cloud of sound finds the stem of a surgical drumbeat upon which to cling. The bass’s mouth opens wide, and so too does the melody line. It pulses, and when at its highest frequency and resonance, oozes digital gloop on the track. It circles the listener like a vulture awaiting prey. Sometimes out of earshot, only to come flowing back in suddenly. The drum-work has a more comfortable rhythm than the preceding track. But still, we are thrown and jerked by random sounds every now and again.

THAT-DREAM slowly comes into reach. A sound more melodious than anything so far floats in, hindered by a restrictive and aggressive filter. Random field recorded noise fills the background. With a concept and feeling of detachment from familiarity in the first two tracks, what does AWSIDS have planned for the third? The melody strives to float effervescently with a euphoric tinge to it. But first we find a powerful drum sequence coming to the forefront. A bass line behind it, we start to feel the beautiful movements and motions of this sound that is tweaked out of our sonic grasp. The sound certainly changes the mood. As the drums drop out momentarily, invigorated by the bass line, the sound floats there. We hear it’s restricted pulsing and reverberations properly. Still AWSIDS toys with us in a way. A perfect euphoric sounding landscape, just out of our full earshot.

AMPLEX brings rhythm in immediately. A repeating buzz that falls out of time ever so slightly, a bass that forms a Norse code-like bond with the drums behind it. Sometimes drawling out, only to launch into a quick fire barrage of short notes. The song is more forthcoming than previous tracks, a more classically welcoming track. The mastery of sound is still present. A sound curling upwards puts a stop to the bass line, only to have it come thumping back in. A snare appears, alongside a slightly out of tune bell bandying about in a loose fashion. Sounds claw for prominence as the track becomes a loud, ever-rhythmic head-nodder.

WAREHOUSE begins with a melodic, repeated descent of metallic notes. Slow moving percussion fringes the sound as a bass line stumbles to and fro drunkenly. As soon as the song reveals itself fully, we hear the extent to which the title rings true. A low, timid dance tune engineered to drive a collection of people to dance within a rave space. The bass drums deep thud would suit a large space perfectly. The instruments build, at some points fizzling in the light of prominence. A screaming alarm sound rings sporadically, only to transform back into robotic murmurings. Slowly everything recedes.

DIVINATORY-GIFT starts immediately. A thick membrane of sound enshrined within a rhythmic bass line. Sounds move to and fro within the bubble created by AWSIDS. They begin to peak out from behind it, allowing their sound to become fuller. Creaking sounds emit from every direction. Some staggering the rhythm as they beat out of time, some deftly and passionately committed to the driving force. Mind-numbing and intoxicating, the beat doesn’t once give or breakdown, much like the few songs before it. AWSIDS simply finds things to do in conjunction with the tempo that wills us to move and shake our heads in agreement.

With a more than cryptic album artwork, you can’t know what to expect. But what you get is explorations into the deconstruction of driving experimental tech. AWSIDS creates rich, often modular environments that only reveal themselves part of the way through, as all sounds are slowly teased into view. This slow burn does cause you to drift off, to lose yourself in the cracks of an everyday activity. AWSIDS charging rhythms push us into another, more abstract path of thought.

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