May 25, 2022

Tracks in this feature

Tracks in this release

What is the first album you remember owning?

The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile 

It was the early 2000s when my cousin – who was like an older brother – told me about this band. He was always showing me different bands but, this one really stood out. I remember he burned me a copy, but I loved it so much I had wanted the real deal. Two weeks later my dad and I (who is also a music lover) went to Tower Records and bought this CD as well as their other album Something To Write Home About. Looking back on it, I love how raw and pure Four Minute Mile is. It doesn’t sound so studio recorded and perfect, it is like they recorded it themselves in a garage. That’s how pop punk should always be recorded imo, especially Midwest emo.

What is your go-to party song?

Machine Girl - because I’m young and arrogant and hate everything you stand for

Not only is this the perfect song/album to blast while thrashing a house party or an abandoned warehouse rave but, it also takes me back to being a kid in the late '90s going to arcades and playing laser tag into all hours of the morning.

What is the last album you listened to?

Ethereal - Final Fantasy

If you like atmospheric trap with PS1 and PS2 synths, I highly recommend this album.

What is an album/song that always makes you feel happy?

The song Start Life off the album New World by Nouveau Life. The whole album is amazing, there’s just something about this first track that makes me smile every time.

If you could produce an already popular album in your style, what album would it be?

Theivory Corporation - Saudade

This is hands down the best bossa nova/lounge album ever made in my opinion. Theivory Corporation really outdid themselves with this one. As much as I’d love to sample this album, it’s just too perfect and shouldn’t be touched.

What is an album that you will listen to for the rest of your life?

Radiohead - Hail to the Thief

I’ll never forget when this album first came out. It’s when I realised that Radiohead was my #1 favorite band and still is. I’ve always loved soundtrack and electronic music, this album is the best mixture of both. The whole album start to finish is amazing but the tracks Sail to the Moon, Backdrifts, and Scatterbrain hold a very special place in my heart. There’s nothing like walking around the city or hiking through a forest on a rainy day while listening to this album. The Silent Hill 2 soundtrack has the same effect. Which is actually my second choice/answer to the question.

What is an album you love that people might not expect you to love?

The Locust - The Peel Sessions

I like making relaxing and atmospheric music so, I’m sure this will surprise some people. If your into punk/grindcore, I’m sure you’ve heard of these guys. If not, check em out, you're in for a wild ride.

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