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November 29, 2021

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What is the first album you remember owning?

My parents shared many albums with me, but the first one I bought with my own money was RATT - Detonator. I grew up on RATT’s 80’s stuff, and they headlined the first concert I ever went to (RATT, LA Guns, Bang Tango). My mom was concerned because she wanted me to pick an album that had “good drumming” on it, because I was primarily a drummer in my single digits. I told her it did, without actually knowing. I can’t remember much about that album, but the 80s releases are still fresh in my memory.

What is your go-to party song?

Puppy Dog Bouncin’ (In The Box).

What is the last album you listened to?

Albums are so important to me vs. single songs and compilations and such. However, because I work on music all day long, oftentimes my media consumption after hours are audio books and educational material. However the last album I listened to in it’s entirety was a few weeks ago when I had to drive a few hours to buy weed. Contortionist - Language. One of my favourite albums of all time.

What is an album/song that always makes you feel happy?

Uh…… Puppy Dog Bouncin’ (In The Box)

...also Distant - Hellmouth

If you could produce an already popular album in your style, what album would it be?

Fred Simon - Usually/Always

What is an album that you will listen to for the rest of your life?

Dream Theater - Images & Words

What is an album you love that people might not expect you to love?

I feel like there are no surprises with me when it comes to this. That’s what friends have told me all growing up. I’m really trying to think of something but it’s like asking me, a walking chaotic rainbow, if there’s a colour I love that people might not expect me to love. In that case I’d say light brown or olive green or something…but even then I know there are contexts in which those colours are perfect. 

Okay wait. I got one. Creedence Clearwater Revival. LOL.

It’s usually REALLY hard to get me to like anything as bluesy as they were. But at such a young age I remember being taken aback at how good a lot of their songs are.

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