listencorp #005

The sound of speed…

In this edition, we explore the production and sustained interest in one of the most incredible racing game franchises of all time: WipEout. Speaking to the lead writer, developer and composer, our lead article delves into the evolution of the game, the story behind its music and the movements that it helped to inspire.

Unravelling a beautiful thread…

We’re proud to present a farewell interview with the creators of the innovative experimental electronic label Noumenal Loom. Responsible for masterpieces by the likes of Giant Claw, Holly Waxwing and Broken Spear, Isa and Holly guide us on a trip down memory lane and offer words of wisdom for aspiring labels.

Music of the spheres…

Insight into a project that has brought the sounds of the cosmos down to earth for us to enjoy, we find out more about the Messier project.

AUX: christtt

A special magazine-exclusive edition of AUX, where Business Casual owner and purveyor of incisive plunderphonic odysseys gives us his picks.

This edition also features reviews of Nondi_, Lauren Bousfield, Simple Syrup, MANAPOOL and Null Object!