listencorp #004

In the fourth edition we take a look at one of the most prolific archivists/personalities in the vaporwave scene and beyond, Vapor Memory. Originally starting their YouTube account as an extension of a growing admiration of a new sound back in 2014, the channel has grown exponentially, with over 200,000 subscribers and 64 million views. Host to fantastic online events, trawler of music and filesharing platforms alike, the channel embodies both a sense of infallible community as well as an eager music lover. Our article provides a profile of Vapor Memory, allowing readers to understand the channel and the person like never before.

Sam Barker explores the backstory of Luxury Elite's The Music of the Now Age compilation as well. Beginning in the heyday of the first phase of vaporwave, not only presenting incredible tracks from some of the movements biggest names, it is an extension of its curator's much-loved, glitzy persona.

listencorp #004 also includes AUX picks from fan favourite desert sand feels warm at night, plus reviews of Hiroshi Ebina's the science of the human heart, twofold's XFORM trax and more.

(The front cover text will differ slightly than that pictured)